Jeremy’s new Intercooler


Jay fabbed up this gorgeous front mount intercooler for Jeremy’s Procharged GT project.

Corvette Dyno Day

Corvette Dyno Day

Had a blast at the all Corvette show / Dyno day!

Hello Rons

New lt1 rearmount

Hello Rons

New lt1 rearmount

GT500 Tune

GT 500

Burnt GTR

Even more baller.

Burnt up GTR

Pullied Range Rover


Range Rover pulley

Matt Reesors 640RWHP GTO. Built by us, powered by a stock bottom LS1, Procharger P1SC. Sound by SpinTech, Video by GoPro. Check out more of Matts car here.


Have another big order of Turbosmart goodies heading our way. Scheduled delivery on Friday… if you need anything, let us know!

Import Tuner

Justin Cesler

Special thanks to Jay, Jeremy, Brittany and Clint Davis for making this happen!

Turbo S2Ki (part 2)

Turbo S2Ki

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Themed by: Hunson